About us

Right in the heart of Agia Marina resort in Chania, the fascinating world of Almira Beach Bar Restaurant is waiting for you to discover it.

Let yourself dive in its deep blue beauty and waves of pleasures will enthrall you…

This wonderful place in Agia Marina, first opened back in 2014. I have to admit that Agia Marina was not one of my favorite places in Chania.

However, a delightful turnaround happened. My feelings began to change because of these thing of Almira Beach Bar Restaurant and all the features that distinguish it. And which are they!? A friendly, cozy, intimate environment.

Every part of the settings appealing but not splashy…each one influences you with its own way.

Beach Bar

The beach bar changes as day changes to night.

Enjoy your swim in a place ideal for relaxing.

Almira Beach Bar Restaurant represents the paradise of rest and relaxing! Ideal for families as it provides a friendly, comfortable, safe environment as well as a playground.

Lay back in the comfortable sunbeds and just ask whatever you wish.

The coffee lovers know that they will definitely not be disappointed here. The special blend and the prowess in the art of coffee are few of the many more reasons that will make you love Almira Beach Bar Restaurant. The finest snacksas well as breakfast combos, ultra-fresh juices, cold beer and well-prepared cocktails are a few others!

In the evening, as the place dresses up, the setting changes. Austere luxury dominates in Almira Beach Bar Restaurant at night. Here, in the heart of Agia Marina resort, you will be able to delight in your drink, your cocktail or, should you wish, your dinner, under the sounds of, most of the times live, music. Hidden lightning, magical corners and the sea, right in the spotlight, flirting with and sweetening the senses.


In a place that offers romanticserenity and carefreeness, the sea and the horizon decorate the scenery and a notion of austere luxury completes the aesthetic of Almira Beach bar Restaurant. Oftentimes, there’s live music night. Finest tastes that stimulate the palate and a variety of appetizers and main dishes that fit in any mood. Our selection of raw materials is always mindful.

The tastes here are influenced by the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, and we heed the culture of “world” cuisine. Deliberate selection of wines. Affordable prices, while at the same time, quality remains high.

Live / Events

We, in Almira Beach Bar Restaurant, are music lovers! Quite often in the evenings, and a few afternoons as well, we have eminent music bands with us, playing from Jazz and swing to pop and rock and roll, and keeping uscompany during the summer.

We also take overjoy events: wedding and christening celebrations, bachelor parties, business events. In Almira Beach Bar Restaurant, we have both the experience and the openness, and along with a package of multiple options, we do create your special, festive day or night.